The previous About Page:

What does “sink full of dishes” mean? Taken literally it means that I have been busy cooking but have no time to clean up after myself. This is fantastic. It means that I’ve taken the time to cook, something I love doing, and before I can wash a single dish I’m off doing something else I love.

I am writing this blog to first and foremost improve my writing skills. I will never become a better writer unless I write. I’m glad I have finally figured that out.

What can you expect from my blog? I don’t want to call this a lifestyle blog because there are already so many out there and oftentimes I question how interesting my life actually is. However, I think I have something to share and something to say. I plan to write and share pictures about my love of food, restaurant reviews, hiking trip reports, travel adventures, weight loss struggles, fitness goals and the occasional outfit-of-the-day.

If this interests you please continue reading.




What this Blog is About Now:

Exploring sobriety. Talking about recovery. Living my happiest, healthiest life. Maybe some of that other stuff I mentioned above.