Never Miss a Monday

I had a weekend! Friday night I went to the climbing gym and climbed with Maddie. On Saturday I climbed outside in Clear Creek with Caleb and Ashley. Then on Sunday I went to Copper Mountain with Caleb and went skiing.

On Monday I needed a rest day.

I used to live by the mantra “Never Miss a Monday”. I would force my still hungover body to spin class on Mondays after work because I had to start the week-long process of burning off all the toxic shit I put into my body over the weekend. I would feel immense amounts of shame if I wasn’t able to dig up the strength to get to that class. There were some Mondays that I hurt too much to do anything more than head home right after work, eat something full of carbs, and head to bed.

It was not the way I wanted to be living.

It was so toxic. This constant cycle of binge drinking, eating unhealthy late night food, staying up so late and then sleeping past noon the next day. And then trying to rid myself of it at the gym all week. It was punishment. I thought I had it figured out.

Now I go hard on the weekend but in a different way. I try to figure out how much I can squeeze out of my body, not how much I can put in. And so far I’m pretty impressed with what I am able to do.

Lately I might be missing my Mondays but I’m not missing the way they used to be.

1072 days

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