The ‘La Croix’nicles of My Sobriety

I might need to re-name my blog.

I had a rough weekend/week. There are a number of things that contributed to it. I’d like to talk about GABF.

Great American Beer Festival. A craft beer lovers paradise. For the past 8 years I have either attended and/or volunteered at GABF. I have drank amazing beers, met brewers I admire, and made memories with friends. I’ve also gotten black out drunk in front of my Dad after more than one session.

I have loved it. It was a huge part of my life. Craft beer was a huge part of my identity prior to getting sober. I prided myself on my knowledge and understanding of beer, the industry, and the people involved.

So, I can’t go to GABF this year and I know it. I wrote my volunteer team captain a quick email letting him know I will not be returning and that it’s time for me to “retire”, please give my volunteer slot to someone else. It was a hard email to write and even harder to send. The important things is that I did it, I sent it, the matter is closed.

I have already decided that I need to be out of town the weekend of GABF this year. I earned two comp tickets which I plan on selling and using towards getting out of town. I’m thinking Utah.


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