California Bound

In one week from now I will be in San Francisco! I’ve never been there, or to California for the matter, ever before. I’m so excited that I giggle and bounce up and down when I’ve reminded of how close this trip is.

This will be my first sober vacation since I was a teenager. Holy shit.

I have a plan, which includes:

1- Things to do in the morning. Run to Ocean Beach. YogaGlo. Meditate in the Japanese Tea Garden. Coffee in the cute café around the corner.

2- LifeRing SF Meetings. I found two that will work while I’m there. If I’m feeling strong I won’t go but if I need them they are there.

3- LifeRing Denver support. I exchanged numbers with a convener and I’m going to check in with her every night before I go to bed. She is also going to pass my email on to a few LRSFers she knows.

4- Stock the fridge with La Croix and kombucha right away.

5- Tell my best friend before hand that I won’t be drinking and that I’m sober now.

I made that phone call last night. I’m tearing up just thinking about it because it could not have gone any better. I knew he would be supportive but I also knew that for him this decision would appear to come out of nowhere. It turns out he has been exploring sobriety in recent months too! He didn’t drink for about five months and has recently been practicing moderation. I am so proud of him. He plans on drinking on his brother’s birthday (a big part of the reason for this visit) but after that he’s planning on taking it easy. I’m going to hold him to that plan and he’s going to hold me to mine.

California, here I come.


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