Reflections on One Month Sober

I’m more than a month sober today, 36 days to be exact. My life as changed in more ways than I thought possible. I knew giving up alcohol would make my life better but I could never have anticipated just how much better it has gotten. I think making a list is the easiest way to convey all the positive changes so here it is in no particular order…

  1. I am less depressed. This should be obvious, alcohol is a depressant. Take it away and you are giving your body the chance to balance your brain chemistry.
  2. I am less anxious. I still get anxious about certain things but I am able to handle it so much better.
  3. I have lost weight. Again, this is a no brainer. Alcohol is entirely empty calories and it blocks your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
  4. I’m saving money. I was social drinker. I spent a lot of money out at the bars. A lot.
  5. I am able to get to the gym more each week. Moving my body makes me feel fantastic and now I’m able to do it everyday! I have to force myself to take days off.
  6. My skin is glowing. I swear my skin looks younger, I am fewer visible wrinkles and way fewer blown capillaries. My face isn’t puffy anymore either.
  7. My head is clear and I can think critically with ease. I thought my foggy brain was due to the fact that I’m 31. Nope! Alcohol was making me dull and robbing me of my mental agility.
  8. I have more time. This change amazes me. I used to spend a lot of time and mental energy on drinking. Thinking about when I was going to drink, where, with whom, how much, how would we get there, how would we get home. Then the hours spent out at the bars and the days spent in bed nursing hangovers. I have more time than I know what to do with.
  9. I don’t need coffee in the morning. These days a big glass of water is all I need.
  10. I sleep like I was born yesterday. It’s a deep restorative sleep and I wake up feeling rested.
  11. I swear food tastes better. I used to think that foods needs wine. It doesn’t. My taste buds are really lighting up these days when I eat wholesome home made meals.
  12. No hangovers!
  13. I feel hopeful and I can think about future plans with confidence. Now that alcohol isn’t a factor in what I will do in the future it feels like the possibilities are endless. For example, the idea of going back to school to start a new career sounded impossible to do. Now I’m in a place where I think I could actually do it.
  14. I feel free.

The fact that I feel as good as I do sober is a powerful affirmation that giving up alcohol was the right decision for me. In times of weakness I will look at the list above to remind myself that alcohol no longer has a place in my life.


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